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C1000 Mercedes-Benz

C1000 Mercedes-Benz - Most of the young people do not know what Lotec is. We're much required to tell you that it's a German company that made a lot of Group 6 and Group C competing vehicles, a one-off supercar for an Arab oil baron, the 400 km/h Sirius supercar, and also aftermarket components for Mercedes-Benz designs. What interests us today is the one-off supercar ended up in 1995.

Its name is the Lotec C1000 as well as the final cost of research study, growth, and also manufacturing is estimated at $3.4 million. If anything, the opportunity to get this distinct Lotec for as little as $650,000 is a deal one can rarely decline. Found in the stock of RK Motors Charlotte, the 20-year-old Lotec C1000 has actually been driven simply 1,600 miles (2,576 kilometers).

 C1000 Mercedes-Benz

 C1000 Mercedes-Benz

That makes is almost brand-new, although the interior and also engine have that great motorsport aging from the very early 1990s. On the powertrain front, the belly of the monster is a 5.6-liter twin-turbo V8 established as well as generated by Mercedes-Benz. That's why the Lotec C1000 puts on a three-pointed star logo design up its nose. Have a wild stab in the dark what does it cost? horse power this bad child is loading? Yea, 1,000 HP is what we're taking care of.

Although it's rear-wheel drive, it rides on 17-inch wheels, it suffers from substantial turbo lag from the twin Garrett battery chargers, and also cog switching is dealt by a Hewland 5-speed guidebook, the Lotec C1000's efficiency is much from old-fashioned. Check out the Le Mans racer-like account as well as the aerodynamically-conscious body covering. This cars and truck oozes motorsport and the academic max speed mirrors that: 268 mph (431 km/h). That's greater than the quad-turbo W16-powered Bugatti Veyron SS tour-de-force. It is a game-changing auto this.

 C1000 Mercedes-Benz

Thanks to a monocoque framework with totally integrated safety cell, a helluva lot of carbon fiber, as well as exceptionally broad tires at the back, the Lotec C1000 has the ability to accelerate to 60 mph (96 km/h) in simply 3.2 secs. That's fast also by the supercar requirements these days. Besides the vehicle itself, RK Motors Charlotte will bundle rewards such as a function in a German magazine, a function in Supercar publication, an authorized letter from Lotec owner Kurt Lotterschmid dealing with the previous owner, user's manual, and service documents.

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