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The Econic from Mercedes-Benz

The Econic from Mercedes-Benz - For greater than a hundred twenty five years, the name Mercedes-Benz has stood for innovative cars that meet very high requirements of great. Our declare to perfection, sustainability and avant-garde design is now embodied within the Econic, the subsequent era of vehicles. This new low-entry car represents a unique idea, designed for everyday use and all of the demanding situations this brings with it. Wherever it's miles used and regardless of the task: the brand new Econic does the task extra correctly, safely, and is way ahead of its time.

The Econic from Mercedes-Benz

The Econic from Mercedes-Benz

Direct imaginative and prescient.
Launched in 1999, the Econic has been applied in some of various packages however became exceptional-acknowledged within the uk as a nice-promoting refuse truck chassis. During the last 12-18 months, but, the heightened attention on cyclist and pedestrian safety in busy urban areas has enabled Mercedes-Benz to win a string of excessive-profile orders for Econic-based totally tippers, tipper-grabs, bypass-loaders and mixers from creation region operators.

The Econic from Mercedes-Benz Review

The excessive-visibility Econic has a deep, panoramic windscreen and a complete-duration, folding aspect door allowing the driving force, who sits lots lower than in a conventional distribution car, to make direct eye touch with cyclists and pedestrians at junctions or in site visitors queues.

The Econic’s standout low-entry cab has simply two steps rather than the traditional four, which additionally reduces the risk of get right of entry to and egress injuries for the operator’s motive force and ‘van assistant’, even as clean thru-cab access allows both to enter and go out effectively on the non-visitors side.

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