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Mercedes-Benz C111-III

Mercedes-Benz C111-III - The success of the C111 and of the sparsely modified C 111-II in Nardo spurred the developers on to new heights. However it wasn't sufficient. They intended to damage the 300 kmh obstacle. For this to occur, the engineers recognized that they needed to "transform" the road-going variation of the C111 into a "proper" racing vehicle.

In 1977, the Mercedes-Benz C111-III was built. The brand-new cars and truck was designed in Sindelfingen under the instructions of Prof. Hans Scherenberg. This cars and truck, which had little in common with C111-II, had a longer wheelbase, a narrower track, concealed wheels, a really low front end with recessed, powerful headlamps and a long as well as tapering rear end with a central fin that was to improve the auto's straight-line security under side wind conditions. The wind resistant functions were fine-tuned down to the smallest information giving the automobile a Cd = 0.183 (drag coefficient), the most affordable rating ever before achieved approximately that time.

Mercedes-Benz C111-III

Mercedes-Benz C111-III

The long and also narrow motorist's area featured a solitary seat: the front traveler's space was inhabited by a fat pipeline carrying out air right into the intercooler. And there was also area for the telemetry system, specifically created by Mercedes-Benz for automatic information transmission during the record runs, along with for radio equipment, enabling the motorist to interact with the group on the step.

Mercedes-Benz C111-III Reviews

A 5 cylinder, 2999 cc, OM 617A supercharged in-line Diesel motor, sustained by a Garret intercooled exhaust gas turbocharger which, at 130,000 changes each minute, pressed sufficient air right into the combustion chambers to boost the outcome to 230 hp (169 kW)/ 4200-4600 rpm, grumbled under the silver-painted plastic bodywork. They were going for 200mph (320 kmh). Actually the C111- III achieved 202 miles per hour (325 kmh). As a result of its very "long" ratio, the auto did take its time, however, to reach this rate (a total 12.66 kilometer lap of the circuit in Nardo in southern Italy, to be exact).

Finally, on April 30, 1978, the moment had actually come for the diesel-engined document automobile to drive lap after lap at consistent rate on the Nardo track-- anti-clockwise due to the fact that this implied that the collision barriers got on the right-hand side, offering the motorists of the LHD autos (Left Hand Drive) with a better security margin in case of a mishap.

Mercedes-Benz C111-III Exterior

Mercedes-Benz C111-III Exterior

At one phase throughout the night, radio interaction conserved a hedgehog's life: it was rescued in time prior to crossing the auto racing automobile's lane. More drama occurred when the back tire on the right-hand side ruptured throughout the 3rd motorist's job at night-time, tearing huge openings right into the bodywork. The recuperation vehicle arrived on the scene rapidly to grab the harmed cars and truck and also its unimpaired chauffeur, while the auto mechanics prepared the similar reserve vehicle. After this incident, clocks were reset to no and the search for documents began over again.

Mercedes-Benz C111-III Interior

Mercedes-Benz C111-III Interior

The reserve auto was also a hair quicker than the initial automobile, and a little much more economical, prolonging the refueling intervals from 62 to 67 laps. The 3 chauffeurs were quickly joined and also eased by their extremely rapid task manager, Dr. Hans Liebold.

All documents established by the time of the tire damage were repeated at even much better times, and the attempt was not even jeopardized by another hedgehog which was unfortunate sufficient to obtain in the document cars and truck's means and also spoiled its front looter. The repair took no greater than 2 minutes. The pit quits, by the way, lasted in between 15 and also 20 seconds-- the refueling, chauffeur changes; tire checks and covering up of oil had all been thoroughly intended and also extensively exercised.

Mercedes-Benz C111-III Engine Performance

Mercedes-Benz C111-III Engine Performance

Engine type OM 617 LA
Inlet valves 1 overhanging valve each cyndrical tube, actuated through finger fan.
Ignition series 1-2-4-5-3.
No. of cyndrical tubes/ arrangement 5/ in line.
Outlet valves 1 overhanging valve per cyndrical tube, actuated using finger fan.
Setup In front of rear axle, longitudinal; vertical.
Shutoff procedure 1 expenses camshaft, dual roller chain drive.
Burning concept Four-stroke Diesel (with indirect shot, Garrett turbocharger, cost air cooling).
Crankshaft 6-bearing.
Birthed x Stroke 90.9 x 92.4 mm.
Fuel system Indirect shot, Bosch 5-plunger injection pump.
Overall variation 2999 cc.
Ignition system 1 glow plug each cylinder.

Gas supply Bosch piston pump as part of the shot pump.
Compression proportion 17.5.
Fuel storage tank capacity 140 l.
Maximum/ outcome/ rated outcome 230 hp at 4200-4600/ minutes.
Ranked torque 403 Nm at 3700/ min.

Cooling down Water flow air conditioning.
Lubrication Pressure circulation lubrication.
Cylinders Gray cast iron block.
Cyndrical tube head Light alloy, removable.
Starter Electrical, Bosch.
Ignition Compression ignition.

Foot brake Performing on front- as well as rear wheels.
Guiding Recirculating-ball steering.
Tires Light-alloy wheels.
Front tires 230/600 x 15 Dunlop.
Structure style Structural flooring assembly, welded sheet steel.
Rear tires 230/600 x 15 Dunlop.

Front wheel suspension Dual wishbone, suspension struts, torsion bar stabilizer.

Drivetrain Direct transmission from engine-transaxle device to rear wheels.
Back wheel suspension 3 wishbones as well as 2 trailing arms per wheel, suspension shows off, torsion bar stabilizer.

Brake system Hydraulically activated dual-circuit brake system.
Front brakes Inside ventilated disc brakes.
Rear brakes Internally aerated disc brakes.

Transmission ZF 5-speed handbook transmission in unit with differential equipment, installed behind back axle.
Moving Center shift.
Clutch Dry double-disc clutch.
Transmission type Change-speed gear.
Equipment proportions Total ratio in Fifth gear: 1.65.
Maximum speed 325 km/h.

Dimensions as well as Weights.
Wheelbase 2720 mm.
Front track 1260 mm.
Back track 1320 mm.
Size 5380 mm.
Size 1715 mm.
Height 1045 mm.
Car weight 1400 kg.
Remarks Drag coefficient = 0.183.
Engine weight 244 kg.

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