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Mercedes-Benz Hood won’t stay up open Easy Solution

Mercedes-Benz Hood won’t stay up open  Easy Solution - The hood on your Mercedes-Benz will certainly not stay open. This is a common problem with several Mercedes-Benz designs such as:

Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 W211 W212
Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class W208 W209
C-Class C320 C350 C203 W203 W204 W205
S Class W220 W221 W222
SLK Course R170 R171 R172
M-Class ML320 ML350 W163 W164 W166
GL-Class W164 W166

Mercedes-Benz Hood won’t stay up open  Easy Solution

It is usually caused as a result of wear of the gas shows off or as some might refer to them as hood lift sustains. Many Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks not utilize a prop rod to maintain the hood up.

Regular troubles consist of:

Hood will certainly not stay open/ up
Hood stays open for a couple of seconds after that shuts
You need to by hand raise the hood
Hood won't stay open on its own anymore
Hood closes instantly
Hood won't keep up anymore

Mercedes-Benz Hood won’t stay up open  Easy Solution

Changing the hood gas shows off/ lift supports is very easy as well as could be completed in much less compared to fifteen minutes. In this post, we will show you how you can change the hood shocks/struts/ lift assistance which should attend to a lot of the troubles discussed over.

If the gas struts do not keep your hood up that is because the gas struts could no longer supply the required pressure to lift the hood due to that they leak. This could be really hazardous as well as the hood sustains should be replaced.

Replacing the hood lift sustains is really simple and also in this guide, we offer detailed guidelines on the best ways to do just that. The great news is that the gas shows off can be acquired on online for an excellent rate. For your benefit, we have provided links to on the internet sites where you can find cost effective gas struts that fit various Mercedes-Benz versions. See total below.

Components Required

Inspect your automobile to see if you require one or two hood shows off/ lift support. Some Mercedes-Benz versions have one as well as some have 2. Below you will locate a checklist hood shows off for various Mercedes-Benz designs. You could click on any of the adhering to connect to inspect the existing rate on

Do It Yourself Recommendations on the best ways to change hood lift support (gas struts) on a Mercedes-Benz automobile.
If the hood does not remain open it could be a safety concern if you need to do any maintenance on your engine such as check liquid degrees or do an oil modification. The hood can landed on your head and create severe head injuries. If the engine is running or is warm as well as your hood landeds on your head, it could be much more harmful. You certainly don't want to make use of an old broom to keep it up. To change the lift support on a hood that will certainly not stay open the only tool that you will need is a level head screwdriver. Right here are the steps on howto do this repair service yourself.

Mercedes-Benz Hood won’t stay up open  Easy Solution

Step 1.

Open the hood. Have a friend help you while you replace the hood shows off/ lifts or utilize that old broom that you have laying around to protect the hood in the open placement. Be careful due to the fact that serious injuries can be brought on by the hood if it falls on you while you are functioning. Locate the hood gas shows off/ shocks/ lift support.

Action 2.

Make use of a flat head screwdriver to remove the preserving/ locking C-clamps. These clamps maintain the hood strut/ lift support in position as well as guarantee that they do not come off. Make use of a screwdriver, you could push the c-clamp away. Do the very same on both sides.

Step 3.

Install the new hood strut. Have the c-clamps far from it's normal slot, once you pop the hood strut right into the support sphere, removal the c-clamp into its location. Do the exact same for the same side. If the opposite side looks various, then you

Keep in mind. If the opposite side looks various, after that you could have unscrew the other fifty percent from the old hood strut so that you could recycle it.

Mercedes Benz Hood Gas Lift Assistance by Model

You can reduce substitute hood struts/ lift support by acquiring them online. is one area where you will certainly find these struts on sale. We have provided the checklist for many Mercedes-Benz versions. Select any one of the products below to examine the present price.

Commonly asked questions
Does it assist if I oil the rods?

Oiling the hood gas strut rods does not help or make the hood lift supports last longer.
Why is there no spring on my hood support?

The older cars and trucks had a springtime that permitted the hood to keep up. Newer autos not make use of the spring, the gas strut serves the function on raising the hood as well as keeping it in the open/ up placement.
Should I compel the hood to open quicker?

Once you start to open the hood, the gas shows off ought to lift the hood on their own. Do not require the hood up however gradually overview it.
Just how can I take care of or fix a hood that won't keep up anymore?

The only means to fix a hood that won't keep up any longer is to change the hood shocks which are hood loaded shocks. They are economical and very easy to change.
How much does it set you back to change/ repair a hood that will not keeping up in employment opportunity.

Costs can differ by location however if you have a car service center or the dealership perfrom this work for you, you will certainly be investing in between $150-$300 USD.

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