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2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Will Be An Exercise On Elegance

2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Will Be An Exercise On Elegance - When introduced in 2004, the Mercedes-Benz CLS was a breath of fresh air within the four-door luxury car course. Actually, Stuttgart created a brand-new term for the automobile, calling it a four-door sports car, with many other automakers adhering to suite, including BMW which developed the 6-Series Gran Coupe as a direct competitor to the CLS.

2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Will Be An Exercise On Elegance

2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Will Be An Exercise On Elegance

7 years later on, in 2011, we saw the introduction of the present, second-generation CLS, which preserved the sports car style, yet muscled-up the styling.

Now time has come for the German high-end brand to introduce a third-generation. So let's take an illustrated preview at exactly what to anticipate:

Classy, Yet Powerful Designing:

Motivated by the AMG GT, the front-end takes on a more aggressive technique; cue a large and also angry-looking grille, forward-leaning headlights as well as a dominant reduced consumption that looks all set to breathe in anything in its course.

The view from the sides is maybe a little bit much more controlled than the out-going auto, Below, the personality lines are straighter and a lot more stylish. On the initial CLS, the saggy back was compared to that of unfortunate, Australian AU Ford Falcon of the late 1990's. No such hint of that this time round as the back is squatter, with Audi-like, horizontal tail-lamps leading into the trunk-lid.

Under the Skin:

Based on the functional MRA system, the CLS shares its bases with the existing E-Class. Nonetheless it does seem broader as well as longer - aiding to improve occupant space as well as fitting its staunch, yet elegant make over.

Another benefit of the new system, is the accessibility of either back or all-wheel-drive as well as plug-in hybrid choices. Fans of the inline six can be glad; anticipate the volume vendor to have a 3.0-litre, turbocharged straight-six as well as a 9-speed automatic.

AMG lovers will not be neglected either, with 2 levels of strength in CLS50 and also the full-fruit CLS63 roles. Obtained from the AMG E63 S, the latter's twin-turbo, 4.0-litre V8 will certainly be extremely fast generating 603 ponies.

The Other Good Little bits:

There had actually been supposition Mercedes-Benz may drop the CLS classification for 'CLE', as part of a structured identifying approach. The reason for change was that the CLS is technically an E-Class in different clothing, nevertheless current guesswork recommends the CLS nameplate holds excessive weight to desert.

Sadly exactly what has been culled is the beautiful shooting-brake variant - we could just hope it comes back at a later day.

When it debuts in 2018 as a MY2019 model, the CLS will promptly stroll right into a canine battle with Audi's all-new A7 and also RS7 versions. BMW will also be ready as well as waiting also - albeit with its odder-looking, however way much more useful 6-Series GT.

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