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The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Connectivity meets eMobility

The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Connectivity meets eMobility - The Urban eTruck shows the interesting possibilities of connection, electrical drive systems, future display and also control technologies, telematics, as well as a largely self-dependent power supply. The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck defines the latest growths in all-electric cars in the heavy short-radius distribution industry.

The Urban eTruck holds its own versus comparable interior burning engine-powered trucks in every respect, even its weight. The triple-axle lorry with a permissible gross weight of 26.0 t produces no regional exhausts and also runs calmly, yet it amounts to a truck with an inner burning engine in regards to tons as well as performance, and also, many thanks to its cutting-edge power supply, it is also economical. 

The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Connectivity meets eMobility

The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Connectivity meets eMobility

The outstanding functions of the Urban eTruck include its drive with electrically powered back axle and electric motors straight beside the wheel hubs. Their optimal result is 2 x 125 kW, while torque is 2 x 500 Nm. The standard variation of the axle has currently shown itself in buses.

Smart energy management

The battery ability of the Urban eTruck has a modular layout. The basic arrangement is a battery pack including lithium-ion batteries with an overall ability of 212 kWh. This leads to a variety of approximately 200 km-- typically sufficient for a normal day's distribution round. The additions of Anticipating Cost Administration, positive Predictive Powertrain Control cruise control and FleetBoard for Urban Circulation make the Urban eTruck suitable for everyday use.

Effortlessly interconnected system

The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Connectivity meets eMobility

The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck uses the opportunities opened by connection to produce a seamlessly interconnected system that incorporates range and also load administration, vehicle details and also peripheral information. The ingenious FleetBoard for Urban Distribution telematics service is the first to connect the telematics system with the drive control. It begins with the organizing: rather than the standard set delivery runs there is a flexible system It ensures that all the intended haulage work could be finished by the vehicle fleet without overextending or underutilising the series of the trucks.

Revolutionary screen as well as operation system.

The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Connectivity meets eMobility

he vehicle driver is helped by a revolutionary display screen and also procedure system, with two displays filling in conventional instruments. The ingenious central display screen shows the driver a variety of info in an easily assimilated form. The focus gets on thorough data and also facts concerning the route, so the motorist can see the bends when driving as well as any kind of speeding up or braking manoeuvres in advance.

The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Connectivity meets eMobility

A tablet supplies the motorist with extra information about the journey, in addition to consistently updated as well as exact details on variety and also batteries. These exist on a local map with a creative visuals called the 'array potato' and also a target array. The computations are based on the driving approach, the three-dimensional map and also the journey planning.

Affordable total costs

The power supply, the energy tolls as well as the appropriate billing method are important variables for the overall economic situation of electric vehicles, as well as Daimler has actually established a solution for this, too. With wise power solutions we identify the most economical option for each application. Relying on private conditions, fixed battery storage space devices from Mercedes-Benz Power GmbH can even more improve economic efficiency as well as make it possible for quick recharging without straining the power supply The storage space devices include lithium-ion batteries, and the ability could be adjusted independently to the needs of the fleet.

Efficient energy supply

One of the most uncomplicated method of providing power to electric cars is likewise the most expensive. The energy costs will certainly be reduced with managed billing and also, where ideal, with the enhancement of a stationery battery storage device. Whether a storage device will enhance financial efficiency even more relies on the conditions in each situation, specifically the power tariff as well as the automobiles' use. A system of this kind can be billed on a constant basis when electrical power expenses are at their cheapest. The batteries for the truck fleet could after that be billed as and when required. This indicates reduced costs and also better availability. Regardless of whether a battery storage space device makes good sense in each case, the expenses of an electrical car in mix with smart power services can be substantially less than those of a standard diesel truck, regardless of the greater acquiring cost as well as the extra financial investment in the storage space capacity.

Ingenious layout with flowing lines

The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Connectivity meets eMobility

The designing of the Urban eTruck is as cutting-edge as its electric drive. It symbolizes the style ideology of the Mercedes-Benz brand name, which focuses on sensuous pureness-- an expression that uses flawlessly to the Urban eTruck. The shapes of the chauffeur's cab are smooth and also liquid with marginal outlining as well as no visible joints. Across the roof, a three-dimensional looter attaches the taxicab with the body of the truck. The windshield has actually been extended downwards. The mirror cameras, that change the conventional outside mirrors, are a distinctive feature on the truck.

The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck Connectivity meets eMobility

The traditional air inlet has been left out from the Urban eTruck because of the electric drive. Rather, a Black Panel grille is the branding component that attaches the associate its atmosphere. It is transparent as well as back-lit by high-resolution LEDs. A number of various aesthetic scenarios are imaginable: the LEDs can be used to recreate the trademark Mercedes-Benz ruby radiator grille, to indicate the operating condition of the vehicle or to show the charge level of the batteries.

Generally, the Urban eTruck represents the polarity in between 'warm & amazing' that is particular of Mercedes-Benz layout. The sensuous contouring of the lines is 'hot' and gives an amazing comparison to the highly technical 'awesome' design functions such as the embedded illumination, mirror webcams as well as Black Panel grille.

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